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La Cite is a serious real estate to find the properties you are looking at the main resort of Uruguay, where we offer properties for sale and for rent, rent in Punta del Este, homes for sale in Punta del Este, apartments for rent in tip East apartments for sale in Punta del Este, shops for sale and for rent, land, plots in gated communities and country clubs fractions for sale, farms for sale and for rent.

Punta delEste and Uruguay itself remain attractive places to invest. Punta del Este Welcomes the world to one of South America's newest Ironman events, the Ironman 70.3 Punta del Este. The success of the various real estate developments taking place in Punta del Este show that more and more the international jet set choose Punta del Este to invest in property.

Punta del Este, Uruguay

La Cite Real Estate offers sales and rental apartments in Punta del Este Uruguay, but also helps the filing of foreigners in the areaLocated at the southern end which divides the waters of the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean and holder of the most coveted beaches of the Uruguayan coast, with a permanent population of 19,263 inhabitants; Punta del Este, is recognized for its premier tourist attraction.

These features generate an active market in terms of Real Estate, a real estate supply and demand constant properties and houses overlooking the sea, beach houses, houses in country clubs and gated communities, premium houses, homes near the golf market homes in Punta del Este shows an increasing variety of options distributed in different areas, highlighting the Brava beach and coastal as quality finishes and materials make up tempting proposals for consumers with different investment objectives, giving rise to a great real estate market ABC1.

The main airport facilities are in the areas of greatest concentration of population and tourist infrastructure (Montevideo and Punta del Este). With apartments for sale in a prime location, oceanfront Uruguay. Find great places where home sales in Punta Del Este and that this is in the place you want to live.

From our offices, we offer options to invest in projects of the best architects who are currently working in Uruguay.

This makes it possible to find homes for sale Punta del Esteen a wide range of prices.

Images of Punta del Este allow us to appreciate the endless beauty of this unique spa in the world, from the natural attractions to architectural icons that have become emblems of Punta del Este and Uruguay.

Notably, after Alaska, in Uruguay we are the second largest seal colony established on the island of Lobos, near Punta del Este. Punta del Este is divided into two parts, although opposite, no longer part of the same place: the Mansa Beach and Brava Beach.

If you want to invest in Punta del Este send an email or fill out our form: Our staff will respond immediately with the updated home in the best areas of Punta del Este, flats and apartments with sea view, penthouses and luxurious residences offer rent to spend New Year's Eve to enjoy a month, a season to live all year. We also publish our properties in the real estate portal offers Punta del Este.

We offer the best real estate business in Punta del Este, the best investment projects in all areas of interest from Punta Ballena, to La Barra, Montoya, Jose Ignacio and the shores of Rocha.

We are partners, as well as other real estate in Punta del Este, the House Inmobiliaria Uruguaya (CIU) that brings together the leading real estate across the country, and belong to the Association of Realtors of Punta del Este (ADIPE) which brings together the most prestigious and longest running in the local market together with our colleagues property managers Punta del Este estate. The main objective was to create an innovative company in Real estate investment, attracting foreigners to invest in Uruguay, especially in Maldonado and Punta del Este capital. There are different types of houses for sale Punta del Este.

Houses and Apartments

Our staff will respond immediately with the updated home in the best areas of Punta del Este UruguayJose Ignacio Located in one of the most exclusive trading zone and Punta del Este. From Montevideo to Punta del Este, from Cologne to every corner of the country, from real estate to agriculture, among many others, certainly this country is the country of investment and business.

Sales and Rental Apartments in Uruguay

La Cite Real Estate not only offers sales and rentals of apartments in Punta del Este, but also helps the filing of foreigners in the area.

There are currently 67 buildings for sale and construction in Punta del Este, a city that boasts highest increases in dollars in Buenos Aires last year.

And it is that investing in Uruguay is much more than investing in an emerging areas of the world, investing in Uruguay is doing in a natural paradise, with impressive resources, yet do so in a prosperous country with a high quality of life, and especially stable and safe for investments. The construction is reactivated in Punta del Este.

Punta del Este is the most famous tourist town around the world, so they can be mounted very profitable business in Punta del Este.

The combination of architecture and art are reflected in the design of the various towers of Punta del Este which offers the opportunity to invest in apartments in presale. Hotels with promotions and packages, lodging properties, houses, apartments, farms, fields and property investments.

Investments in Punta del Este

The investments marked a record in the coming months with real estate and tourism projects for about 800 million dollars.

Our real estate is synonymous with honesty, convention and made available to the best team of professionals in appraisal and sale of properties in Punta del Este.

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