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properties in sale in Punta del Este
Rental properties in Punta del Este
  • Departments in Punta del Este
  • Departaments for sale in Punta del Este
  • Rental properties in Punta del Este

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Contact us for properties in sale in Punta del Este

  • Departments in Punta del Este
  • Departaments for sale in Punta del Este
  • Rental properties in Punta del Este

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La Cite Real Estate: Homes for sale Punta del Este Uruguay 2018

Houses for sale in punta del este 2018

La Cite: Investing in Uruguay homes for saleThis paper seeks to expose all the information you need to keep in mind when looking for houses for sale Punta del Este 2018 To do this, it focuses on the services provided by La Cite Real Estate, a company dedicated to the marketing of property Punta del Este, Uruguay for more than 18 years ago.

Punta del Este: 

The ideal place to have your houseThe reasons for choosing to buy a house in Punta del Este are varied. But the main one is currently selling homes in Punta del Este 2018 are presented as a great investment opportunity as it is a city that offers tranquility stability, business and tourism development. Due to their continued growth, property values ​​are rising so buy a property in Punta del Este is an investment that will secure profits in both the short and long term.

All necessary information about Punta del Este in UruguayPunta del Este is recognized worldwide as a tourist location. However, in recent years it has been characterized as an increasingly sought after place to live and to invest. Since the benefits are many, here are some of the highlights of living in Uruguay, Punta del Este specifically described.

Living in Uruguay: Houses for sale in punta del este 2018

I Meet the neighborhoods of Punta del EsteCurrently you can access the houses for sale Punta del Este 2018 that are both gated communities and traditional neighborhoods. In both cases it is possible to access new used properties all with modern designs and amenities that can only be found in Punta del Este. The main properties of Punta del Este are located in areas of the peninsula, Playa Mansa, Playa Brava, Chihuahua, Pine, Punta Ballena, Springs, Montoya, José Ignacia and recognized area of ​​La Barra. It is also important to note that there are properties in areas that are growing which suggest medium-term investment. Rocha: On the other hand, properties on the coast adjacent to Maldonado Department are also available.

Living in Uruguay: the safety mark Punta del EsteIn general and Uruguay Punta del Este in general typically offer one of the best qualities of life in the region. Thus, Punta del Este is increasingly chosen not only for vacation but also as a place of residence and personal and professional growth. One of the reasons why Punta del Este stands relative to other cities for the security it offers. Insecurity levels are below average and offers constant public and private security.

Living in Uruguay: the weather to enjoy the seasonsAnother of the reasons why Punta del Este is one of the cities chosen to vacation and to live is its climate. Temperatures of this seaside resort allow you to enjoy all seasons. The coldest months are July and August. While the rest of the year you can enjoy mild temperatures and sunny days in the summer heat.

Living in Uruguay: stability of investment in Punta del EsteUndoubtedly stability is what attracts investors from all countries of the region and the world at Punta del Este. Currently, they turn to investing in houses for sale Punta del Este 2018 This is because Uruguay is a country with great economic stability where you can access without restriction to the forex market with the possibility of proyecciòn the medium and long term. This situation positions Punta del Este as the ideal place to combine business and pleasure.


houses for sale in punta del este 2018

La Cite Real estate

Expertise and quality servicesLa Cite Real Estate is dedicated for 18 years to the marketing of properties in the best areas of Punta del Este Uruguay which is positioned as the most important. La Cite Housing consists of a team of professionals and multilingual Economics Law and have an extensive portfolio of properties and clients. It is a company registered with the Ministry of Tourism and Real Estate Broker and is a member of the Association of Realtors of Punta del Este (ADIPE)

All about the houses for sale Punta del Este 2018There are different types of houses for sale Punta del Este 2018 So, to find the one that fits each customer contact is necessary for La Cite the most complete advice.

All about apartments for sale in Punta del EsteCurrently, mainly in the areas of downtown Punta del Este, the buildings are gaining prominence in the real estate sector. Therefore, it is possible to find different environments departments at wholesale prices.


fields and farms for sale in Punta del EsteThe exclusivity of Punta del Este is your property. Thus, La Cite also have for sale farms and fields in Punta del Este and its surroundings.

Real estate values ​​in Punta del Este, Uruguay in 2018The values ​​of the properties from Punta del Este vary according to size in square meters of the property by location thereof. Thus it is possible to find houses for sale Punta del Este 2018 in a wide price range. Therefore, it is important to contact La Cite for them to advise interested in buying a home in this city on the possibilities at your fingertips.

Other Services Real Estate La Cite designed for clientsInquiry website other services that La Cite Real Estate offers its clients:

Relocation for foreign Punta del Este: Sentite at home

Performing official appraisals of properties in Punta del Este

Take contact now with La Cite, your real estate in Uruguay La Cite Real Estate is located in the Calle 28 and Gorlero of Punta del Este, Uruguay Maldonado province. You may be contacted by telephone at: (598 42) 445368/69 or (598 42) 770 978. From Buenos Aires you can communicate directly with Punta del Este making a local call number: 011-4721-4548. You can also visit the website of La Cite Estate where all services are detailed and it is also possible to search for properties: